How can we Conserve Precious Metals With E waste Buyer in Pune?

In most countries, electronic waste is collected at depots by Ewaste recycling companies and either sent to a landfill where it stays or is shredded into bits by recycling companies. It is then shipped off to countries like China and India for processing. So whether the Ewaste is stuck in a landfill or it is being sent overseas, it means that the country is losing out on precious metals, for instance a ton of old mobile phones may contain more than 100 kg of copper, three kg of silver or over 200 grams of gold.E waste collection in Pune


Electronic Waste Collection in Pune
 Electronic Waste Collection in Pune

Ewaste recycling is the answer to the ever increasing issue of electronic waste and the losses and hazards that it poses. It is a known fact that almost all components of Ewaste can be recycled. In fact, around 90% of the material that is used to make televisions and computers can be recycled. Ewaste recycling companies have procedures that are easy, yet much less expensive than traditional mining. Studies have shown that it is actually possible to extract a gram of gold from around 41 old mobile phones. Metals found in rejected electronic products are 100% recyclable and can be reused continually. Non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper is re-smelted and re-manufactured. Ferrous metals such as steel and iron is also reclaimed and reused.

A procedure of grinding the valuable Ewaste into a powder is followed by putting this concentrate into flotation plants to separate the minerals. Froth flotation is carried out by pumping in air to form bubbles, thus allowing the precious metals to be scooped off the top. Researchers claim that the concentration of precious metals is relatively higher in Ewaste, as compared to the normal concentration in ore.

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