Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste

Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste : There is no facility for large-scale e-waste management in the city. Due to this, there is a lot of damage to life and property due to e-waste, which is spreading its scope as a silent killer.

Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste

E-waste is quite dangerous for water, land and environment. Which is also affecting the health of the people.

Increased use of technologies has resulted in the sale of electronic goods. But the arrangement of the E waste disposal is not that much effectively manage in Pune. There is facility for management of medicated waste including wet and dry, but there is no facility for disposal of e-waste.

People mix it in common waste without knowing its dangerous consequences. Which is polluting the water, soil and air. The side effects are unknown by the townspeople. E-waste is also usually included with common waste. The effect of which is not directly but indirectly.

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E-Waste works as silent killer. The effect of which is seen after a long time. Which is dissolving poison in people’s lives every day. Water, land and air are being polluted due to throwing garbage in the open.

E-waste sold in junk and more harmful: People sell waste e-waste in their house to junk. Due to which they remove metal from the junk and burn its waste. This leads to the emission of gases such as lead, cadmium, verilium, land oxide, mercury, bromine, and sulfur. Which is dissolving the poison in the environment.

The city does not have facilities for managing e-waste. But according to the directive of the government, it has been classified as a hazardous waste.

But there are some private e waste management company in Pune, who manages e waste very effectively and helps to keep city environment pollution free.

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