How can we save environment with the help of Electronic Scrap buyer in Pune ?

Currently computer electronics continue to upgrade, areas of your network and IT is going to run into all sorts of issues with staying relevant. Ensuring your business is able to run smoothly and maintain a high level of productivity is important, so when you run old hardware it just is not going to function properly. This is exactly why you need to upgrade your equipment and, when you no longer need it, sell your old hardware to e scrap buyers. The Electronic Scrap buyer are able to obtain the devices you no longer use, upgrade the equipment when they can, or simply scrap the device and use the parts for other projects. Either way, regardless of what the other company does with it, you are able to rid yourself of outdated hardware and, at the same time, make a bit of money on the device you probably were just going to toss out anyways.

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E waste Management in Pune

The first step in determining what products you need and what you don’t is to have IT maintenance services monitor the equipment. This is able to determine what areas of the network you don’t need, where you need to upgrade and what is running just find. After the IT department is able to scan through the system and see where the weaker links are present, it is possible to remove and upgrade this hardware and keep the rest. It isn’t necessary to replace everything when only one or two devices products need scrapping. By doing this, you are going to extend the life of some of the hardware and also save you money, all at the same time.

After you have removed the old devices and upgraded the equipment, you are going to have the old hardware just sitting around. Some companies are going to offer to simply pick it up from you so you don’t have to spend any money throwing it out, but the problem with this is these companies are actually going to make money off of the item you are tossing out. You should never give out those kinds of items for free, so instead of just giving it away, it is far better to make some sort of a profit off of it instead. This is where the e scrap buyers come in handy. The e scrap buyers are able to look over the items you have and determine what they can pay you for it. Different elements are going to be worth more money while other items are going to allow you to save a considerable amount of money when you hand it on.

This way, you can take the money you receive from the Electronic Scrap buyer and interject the money back into the business. This helps you grow, expand your services and make more money, all because you decided to use the services of the Electronic Scrap buyer and sell your outdated equipment.

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Know Ewaste Recycling Process used by E waste recycling company in Pune

Majority of the e-waste is deposited to the centers where they go through the system known as WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that recycles 95-98% of the electronic waste. One big advantage of this system is that any data stored on hard drives and memories are destroyed which can be harmful otherwise.

The Ewaste Recycling process consists of the following steps:

  • Picking Shed- In this step, the trash is sorted by hand where the batteries and copper are separated for quality control.
  • Reducing Size– Reducing the size of the items is done by following the shredding process after which the trash is thoroughly sorted. Data is also destroyed during this process.
  • Secondary Size Reduction- The debris is laid out on the conveyor belt properly so that the dust can be extracted from the waste.
  • Overband Magnet- Magnet is used to remove iron debris from the e-waste.
  • Metallic & Non Metallic Debris- Metallic and non metallic contents like copper aluminum and brass are extracted as raw materials from e-waste.


Electronic Waste Collection in Pune
E waste Management in Pune

Ewaste Recycling is important to save environment and huge process follows into recycling the products. By following the different ways to dispose of old gadgets responsibly, recycling is becoming a mass movement which will not only benefit individuals, corporate houses but also the society in general.


At the rate that technology is evolving, more and more electronics, gadgets and other household electronics will become obsolete. Our government and society are doing the best they can to help regulate and improve the way we dispose of our “latest” eWaste.

Not totally hopeless, we have been seeing more recycling companies improve the way they manage eWaste and improve the process of recycling and disposal. All is not lost, each of us would need to put in our own share of being environmentally responsible with regard to disposing our eWaste.

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Know the requirement of Electronic Waste Collection in Pune

Consumers have to be more discreet and take up more responsibility regarding throwing off old mobile phones. Whether an individual or a corporate house, disposing of trash should be done carefully. In fact, the good news is that consumers can follow any of the recycling ways depending on their convenience. They can either donate or sell corporate mobile phones for recycling. Now, the devices will meet with two different kinds of fate. Firstly, they can be made reusable and secondly they can be ripped off and the components recycled to be used in other forms. Various such programs are available for the consumers to choose from.

E waste Management in Pune

Is Disposing Of E-Waste Allowed?

This question does not have a general answer. Whether one can dispose of old electronic devices or not depends on the country one resides in and also on the device to a large extent. Some cities and communities have placed ban on disposing of electronic gadgets while others do not have any such effective bans. In case residents are not allowed, they should not indulge in any such practice; that will be illegal.

Collection of E-Waste

There are various ways of collecting electronic waste and once users have submitted the phone, they can rest assured that the money will be paid and the device used for a greater purpose. Recycle bins have been placed at various spots so that the waste is picked up and delivered to the recycling center. The trucks pick up the waste from those bins and deposit them to the center where they are processed.

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Know about E waste Buyer in Pune

Though it can be hard to imagine or believe, fraudsters and information thieves take the trouble of recovering and exploiting data from hard drives that are not cleaned properly. The strong evidence that is available to demonstrate this is definitely eye-opening. Every business has its own ‘Information assets’ which consist of large quantities of sensitive and confidential data, which, if it gets into wrong hands, can prove to be a very expensive loss for the company. It is therefore very crucial to take steps to avoid data leaks.

After Recycling an old computer Do You know What happens to the data?

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If you think that deleting data from old computers makes it disappear, you are mistaken, because transferring files to the recycle bin merely instructs the computer to overwrite it. Data is always recorded. The best option to destroy data is by physically breaking it down into small bits or shredding it into tiny pieces that are quite useless. All recyclers do not offer this service, so it is essential to make sure that the Ewaste recycler you employ offers these services.

This was brought to light when a consumer purchased one of these computers and found the sensitive details of some patients. Since NHS Surrey handed over confidential details of their patients without ensuring that the information had been completely destroyed, it resulted in confidential patient information being sold online.

Incidents such as this serve to call attention to how important it is to choose a data destruction service that is properly certified. To put it simply, hiring a legislatively compliant and certified Ewaste recycling firm ensures that data and its destruction will be carried out using only the highest level of security and that electronic parts don’t find their way to a landfill.

For businesses that are socially responsible and choose to comply with regulations, protecting confidential data as well as reducing their environmental footprint are matters of great concern. It is always advisable to locate a secure, ethical and cost effective Ewaste recycling solution provider to erase data and handle their electronic wastes.

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Why E waste management in PUNE is IMPORTANT?

These days E-waste is quite a popular term which is often heard. It is a category of waste products resulting from electronic waste which includes old mobile phones, laptops, desktops, televisions and other such technologically advanced devices. Many such devices are refurbished, reused and recycled. The most depressive aspect of e-waste is that it is growing day by day thus making recycling the obvious choice. With the influx of cheap new devices, the younger generation is getting hooked on to using the new devices and trashing the old ones in landfills. This new trend has resulted into rapid increase of EOL or end-of-life electronic goods. Such EOL products constitute e-waste. However, the good news is that issues are being raised and consumers, policy makers as well as industry leaders are taking note of the rising problem which is leading to various initiatives and campaigns to resolve the same.

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E-Waste Recycling is important and here the reasons of it:

  • Good Source of Raw Materials– According to various research studies, around 40-50% of precious and semi-precious metals can be recovered from recycling electronic waste. E-waste is a rich source of raw materials, even better than ore mines as opined by experts. In fact, 10-15% of gold can be extracted from recycled e-waste which is a huge amount of precious metal.
  • Solid Waste Management– Solid waste management can be done adeptly by recycling old electronic items. This is essential because there has been exponential growth in the production of electronic devices which have a shelf life of not more than a year. The best way to prevent escalating e-waste is through solid waste management.
  • Toxic Substances– Electronic devices consists of toxic substances like mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium which if not recycled properly could harm the environment. There are heavy metals and potentially harmful flame retardants as well contained in the electronic waste which must be recycled to prevent their penetration into the natural resources and depleting them.
  • International Mobility of Hazardous Waste– Recycling is important and more importantly it should be done under controlled conditions in a proper manner in the absence of which the environment can be equally harmed. Illegal passing of e-waste into third world countries where they are processed under unhealthy conditions only leads to more pollution.

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How can YOU help to control Ewaste through E waste Buyer in Pune?

Everyone on the planet plays a role in controlling the quantity of Ewaste produced. It is possible to minimize Ewaste and protect precious resources by abiding to the principle of the 3Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.

  1. Reduce
  • What could be the single most effective way to cut down on Ewaste is to reduce purchase of electronics.
  • Ask yourself: Do I need this or am I just seeking the latest gadget?
  • An environmentally responsible consumer would:
  • Resist upgrading to the latest electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Select sturdy and long-lasting electronics rather than disposable products
  • Get a new set top box to receive a digital TV signal rather than investing in a new digital TV.
  • Buy your electronic goods and home appliances from companies that demonstrate good corporate responsibility as well as have take-back schemes that guarantee that your discarded electronic equipment are recycled appropriately
  • Did attending a recent community Ewaste recycling event leave you feeling pleased about shipping off old mobile phones and computers to be recycled? Think again, for all that waste would have only been shipped overseas to poison developing countries like China or India.
E waste Management in Pune
E waste Buyer in Pune
  1. Reuse
  • Enquire for competitive repair prices in Yellow Pages, or from people you know.
  • Sell your used electronic equipment that is in working condition through garage sales or stores or online portals that sell second-hand products.
  • Inform friends, charities and schools about your surplus electronic equipment to see if they have any use for it. Donate electronic equipment as much as possible.
  1. Recycle
  • Find an accredited electronic waste recycler that handles Ewaste properly and not ship it overseas.
  • The Ewaste recycler should ensure that all end-of-life home and office electronics are recycled safely and responsibly to obtain reusable materials like metals, plastic, glass, etc. These elements should be used to manufacture new goods that use fewer resources.

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Today’s need of E waste Management in Pune

By strategically reviewing the questions below, you can prepare to save money and reduce your ewaste reducing an enterprise risk management risk while obtaining the public relations and brand building value demonstrating your renewable energy credentials.

Present US regulations encourage business to ship old or put of date consumer products like computers and televisions to non OSHA countries for recycling.   Newer regulations classify some of these formerly complaint components as ewaste, when they are recycled or disposed of in the future.

A fuller definition from Wikipedia is that ewaste is also described as electronic waste, e-waste, e-scrap, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): a loose category of surplus, obsolete, broken, or discarded electrical or electronic devices. The processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems due to lack of containment, as do unprotected land filling and incineration.

In the short term, electronics devices, particularly computers, are being rapidly upgraded to decrease energy consumptions and benefit from newer technologies. Future regulations appear likely to require that either the manufacturer or the retailer will be charged a tax collected at sale to pay for recycling these devices when they are disposed of at some future date. Depending on how the tax is tired and how significant the tax rate, this can make a major impact on how much of this tax can be passed on to the consumer.

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Electronic Scrap buyer in Pune

Some companies will see this as an opportunity to get in front of the curve, rather than being supposedly blindside when the regulations are finalized.

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Know how can we reduce E-Waste through E waste recycling company in Pune?

You can do your part simply by trying to get just a little more life out of your electronics. Don’t panic. For those of you old enough to remember rabbit ears, “get a little more life out of it” might conjure up images of foil wrapped rabbit ears or antennas or your dad pounding atop the TV saying, “Oh, it’s fine, this TV’s got years left in it” despite the fact that it’s actually a radio. But seriously, with all of the electronic equipment out there getting even 3 months more out a device before selling or donating it can really add up. It may even prevent you some buyer’s remorse as there’s probably a bigger, better and yes, cheaper model unveiled within three months. If you are looking for an upgrade, you might also look at just replacing a couple components instead of your entire computer system. You might find that you get the upgraded performance you need with only a fraction of the waste.

Holding an E-Waste drive is a great way to ensure it doesn’t end up landfilled. Consider coordinating such a drive and donating the electronics to Goodwill, a living embodiment of the reduce, reuse, recycle hierarchy. Many working items can be resold there, right at the store and thanks to their ReConnect partnership with Dell, they’re able to recycle non-working or obsolete items, creating jobs and diverting harmful e-waste from entering landfills in the process. It was easy, educational for fellow employees and kind of fun.

E waste recycling company in Pune
E waste Management in Pune

If you’re absolutely certain your electronics are ready to face their flickering grave, you have some options. Many municipalities have e-waste collection programs. Check with your local municipal recycling coordinator to see if programs are available in your city or town. In addition, most of the major manufacturers or retailers offer some sort f product take pack program. If you’re buying a new item, be sure to ask about their take back recycling program for your old items. You can also check out the Earth 911 website. It allows you to search for e-cycling options in your area via your zip code. Also, the EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling partners may offer a local avenue to recycle your woeful hardware.

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Get best Ewaste management company in PUNE

If we examine the technological industry minus the hysterics that often accompany these debates, one could draw the conclusion that little progress is being made at all. One of our biggest issues is e-waste and we are all guilty of this pleasure fueling this problem. If you ponder a moment the 2000s and your own home circumstances as best as you can recall.

In your household, how many TVs, mobile phones and computers have you owned collectively in this decade? As a rough guide the average modern middle class family averages a mobile phone per person in a home and replaces a phone once every two years. Then houses these days tend to have almost as many computers as household members and updating these every 3 years or so. Finally TVs, partly due to the lowering of costs over the past 15 years and the rapid advances in technology, are also being replaced more often than 15 years ago.
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Computer scrap center in Pune

In the case of mobile phones and computers particularly, the resale value of an ‘old’ device (i.e. 2 years for phone, 3 years for computer) is so low and technology advances so rapid that devices themselves become redundant means that in the most part this all becomes E-Waste! So if you extrapolate all those figures across all the households , it equates to a lot of sizeable and toxic waste and you may wonder where this all ends up.

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Do you know about Fake Ewaste Recycling Traders & Ewaste Recycling company in PUNE?

Most people are blind to the damage caused by the huge amount of Ewaste collecting in landfills. The illegal recyclers use primitive methods of recycling like burning, breaking and dismantling without using protective equipment and portions that are not useful are finally dumped in the rivers. Some others believe that by sending electronic waste to these countries, they are helping to boost the country’s economy by providing jobs in Ewaste recycling to the impoverished unemployed citizens.

The reality, however, is that when Ewaste containing personal data on their internal memory is illegally shipped to countries in Africa, China, or India, it gets in the hands of organized criminals who scan the hard drives and other memory devices for information that can be used to commit fraud, including addresses, phone numbers and financial details.

Hazardous waste buyer in Pune

Ewaste problems may be an issue they need to struggle with, yet cases of financial fraud and identity theft may put an individual or a company in a difficult situation. Most people opt for the convenience of online services, with services like online shopping, banking, social networking, filing tax returns never have been more popular. All of these require inputting personal and financial details, that is then saved and stored on the hard drive of the computer.

For protection from being a victim of fraud, it is essential to ensure that all sensitive and confidential data should be destroyed when the particular electronic asset is being retired. Deleting information from a computer does not make it go away; the hard drive should be physically destroyed or granulated in a secure environment.

It is important to be cautious and not get misled by fraudulent recycling companies. Everyone should be careful when it comes to disposing Ewaste and make sure that it is recycled responsibly.

Always we should make note of the following:

  1. Ewaste recycling company should have a clear recycling procedure.
  2. Find out how they carry out data destruction.
  3. Clarify their certification and accreditation.
  4. Ask for a certificate of recycling

There is a price to pay for anything that comes free. Fake Ewaste recycling traders will be willing to take electronic waste for free, since they have other ways to make profits. Always find out where the Ewaste is finally going to end up.

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