Minimize Your E wast [7 Ways]

India is that the fourth-largest producer of e-waste (discarded electronic material like mobile phones, chargers, laptops, keyboards etc) within the world, generating near to a pair of million tonnes of e-waste a year. that’s the challenge E Waste Management Company in PuneE Waste Kuldeep“, has been breakage away at.
The producing of those devices and therefore the use of rare materials that get in their production represent a large supply of embodied energy.
Minimizing e-waste helps to conserve resources and reduces the quantity of energy we have a tendency to take from the planet.

7 Ways To Minimize Your E waste

  • Buy electronics that are environmentally friendly :-
  • Buy multiple functions device
  • Extend the life of your electronics
  • Donate used electronics
  • Reuse large electronics
  • Recycle electronics and batteries
  • Sell your old computers to e waste buyer 


Minimizing the e waste is key to save energy. foremost things you can do on your end is buying environmental friendly electronics gadgets / appliances or sell your used old computer, laptop, mobile phones, smart watches etc. to e waste management company.

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How Does E waste Recycling company in PUNE Works?

Ewaste recycling helps to process several tones of e waste in a systematic and appropriate manner that helps protect the environment as well as reduce the amount of raw materials that need to be produced from mining or other environmentally harmful practices for producing the next generation of electronic devices.

Ewaste recycling companies schedule collection of electronic waste from homes and companies and provide an estimate of the entire job. All electronic equipment is tracked by an efficient material tracking system and each component’s description and weight is recorded for inventory tracking and accountability of the warehouse mass balance.

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MPCB authorised recycling company in Pune

The electronic waste that is received is processed and sorted out into two streams:

Ewaste that is fit for reuse – Equipments for electronic waste or components that are in a working state or can be easily repaired is refurbished for resale. Those that are over a minimum hardware specification for example, Pentium 4 products, are fit for recycling.

Ewaste that is not fit for reuse is disassembled manually. This helps recover base material for reprocessing.

Ewaste that is classified for reuse by the authorized and registered Ewaste recycling and refurbishing companies follow a stringent QA process. The refurbishing process includes data erasure and sanitization, test and tagging, cleaning, upgrading of RAM or the HDD, replacing faulty motherboards, refurbishing and/or conducting minor repairs. The electronic product is sold back through online portals such as e-Bay or authorized asset brokers.

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Why MPCB authorised recycling company in Pune Is IMP For Future Generations

What gets faster and smarter yet cheaper every day? Electronic gadgets. These days, if the electronic equipment stops working, it is usually cheaper to replace it with a newer model, than have the old one repaired. Ewaste does not only comprise of hi-tech items like computers, tablet PCs, video games or smart phones, but also household electrical equipment like TVs, blenders, microwaves, refrigerators and so on.

With the rapidly progressing electronic industry introducing new products at regular intervals, consumers are only too keen on retiring the recently purchased electronic device and getting their hands on the latest gizmo. This has resulted in Ewaste growing at a dangerously alarming rate that is threatening to affect the lives of future generations.

Electronic Scrap buyer in Pune

Ewaste in Pune is estimated to exceed municipal waste three times over as per the Statistics. Hazardous Ewaste has been accumulating and decomposing in landfills for over several decades and has silently been leaching toxic metals such as lead and mercury into the surrounding terrestrial biosphere by being released in to the air or through soil and then polluting ground water. This can take a serious toil on the health of adults and children, with studies showing cancers, tumours and serious mental health conditions developing as a result. Human exposure to these hazardous substances can be lethal.

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Why E waste management in PUNE is IMPORTANT?

These days E-waste is quite a popular term which is often heard. It is a category of waste products resulting from electronic waste which includes old mobile phones, laptops, desktops, televisions and other such technologically advanced devices. Many such devices are refurbished, reused and recycled. The most depressive aspect of e-waste is that it is growing day by day thus making recycling the obvious choice. With the influx of cheap new devices, the younger generation is getting hooked on to using the new devices and trashing the old ones in landfills. This new trend has resulted into rapid increase of EOL or end-of-life electronic goods. Such EOL products constitute e-waste. However, the good news is that issues are being raised and consumers, policy makers as well as industry leaders are taking note of the rising problem which is leading to various initiatives and campaigns to resolve the same.

E waste collection in Pune

E-Waste Recycling is important and here the reasons of it:

  • Good Source of Raw Materials– According to various research studies, around 40-50% of precious and semi-precious metals can be recovered from recycling electronic waste. E-waste is a rich source of raw materials, even better than ore mines as opined by experts. In fact, 10-15% of gold can be extracted from recycled e-waste which is a huge amount of precious metal.
  • Solid Waste Management– Solid waste management can be done adeptly by recycling old electronic items. This is essential because there has been exponential growth in the production of electronic devices which have a shelf life of not more than a year. The best way to prevent escalating e-waste is through solid waste management.
  • Toxic Substances– Electronic devices consists of toxic substances like mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium which if not recycled properly could harm the environment. There are heavy metals and potentially harmful flame retardants as well contained in the electronic waste which must be recycled to prevent their penetration into the natural resources and depleting them.
  • International Mobility of Hazardous Waste– Recycling is important and more importantly it should be done under controlled conditions in a proper manner in the absence of which the environment can be equally harmed. Illegal passing of e-waste into third world countries where they are processed under unhealthy conditions only leads to more pollution.

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Know why E waste management is important now-a-days?

The usage of mobiles, laptops, mp3 players, computer, LCD TVs and home equipments with advanced technologies have become common .Vendors in the business of used computers says, they often come across non-working computer parts whose repairing may cost more than a new one.

They usually throw such parts like display cards, network cards or mother boards of old computers into the nearest dustbin alongwith other garbage. According to Dealers of home equipments, used Television and Electronic equipments are purchased by dealers as buyback. This second hand equipments if working are usually resold to small vendors from nearby villages otherwise they are sold to scrap dealers in town.

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E waste collection in Pune

These scrap dealers in turn use some of the useful material from the equipments and throw away the rest of then things in garbage. According to Mobile phone showroom owners, when they come across non-repairable phones, they keep the working parts of the phone into their inventory and throw away the stripped phone.

There are many people who change handphones almost every 6-8 months as the one he is using either gets outdated or becomes non-repairable due to extensive usage. They normally sell the old phones for peanuts to second hand vendors. The quantity of eWaste is drastically increasing in our environment and if it is not controlled using specified methods, it will create unpredictable harm to the environment.

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E waste Management Provider in Pune

Over the years, computers have widely enhanced different walks of human life. However, with the rapid and dramatic changes in life, mismanagement of electronic garbage has created devastating issues.

Generally, computer equipment contain a comprehensive range of hazardous elements and substances such as cathode ray tubes with barium and lead oxide, toxic metals, biologically active materials, poly vinyl chloride, plastic additives, chlorinated brominates substances, heavy metals such as lead & cadmium in circuit boards, mercury in plane screens, and copper cables. According to Basel Action Network, 500 million computers across the world contain 716.7 million kgs of lead, 2.87 billion kgs of plastics, and 286,700 kgs of mercury and if they are burnt, they will release poisonous emissions in the surrounding air and create various health issues.

ewaste management

  • Gaskets and glass panels in computer monitors can cause the damage to kidneys, peripheral nervous systems, blood systems and delay the brain’s development in infants.
  • Semiconductors and Chip resistors contains Cadmium that accumulate in various organs then may cause neural damages.
  • Motherboards contain Beryllium that is carcinogenic and may cause chronic beryllium disease and other skin diseases.
  • Circuit board and electronic equipment contain Brominates flame retardants that may adversely damage endocrine system functions.
  • CRTs contain Barium that may cause damage to the heart, liver and spleen and muscle weakness.
  • Relays printed circuit boards and switches contain Mercury that negatively damage to the brain, skin and respiratory disorder

More than 70% electronic waste either goes to the landfill or is disposed of in the water from where it enters into human body and causes severe damages. Proper waste management will not only minimize the danger of health consequences but also lead to the betterment of the global environment.

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Don’t threwComputer scrap center in Punew those old batteries in the trash! Battery recycling is something that we can all do to protect the environment and ourselves. Battery recycling is such an important issue that in 1996, the United States Congress passed the Battery Act, which details how manufacturers and consumers can do a better job of disposing of and reusing old batteries.


Old batteries pose several risks to the environment including:

  • Polluting lakes and streams when they are burned and the metals vaporize into the air.
  • Heavy metals that leach into the soil in landfills.
  • Lead that can potentially cause harmful conditions for humans and animals.
  • Acids can leak out that are corrosive and can burn eyes and skin.

When you buy a new battery, most likely the place where you buy it will have a place to dispose of your old battery, and you may also be charged a small fee for recycling. If not, then you can contact your city or town’s municipal waste department and find out if they have a program for recycling. If neither of these is an option, you can go online to find the nearest recycling center that takes batteries.

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Best E-waste processing methods

Plastics are melted down and remade into other useful articles.

Glass from cathode ray tubes is usually reused in making of new cathode ray tube monitors. (Cathode ray tubes contain high amounts of lead which is highly toxic.)

Mercury, a prevalent toxic substance is usually extracted and reused in dental practice while phosphorus obtained from bulbs is used to make fertilizer.

Wood from older generation electronics (speakers, radios and television sets) is usually shredded and used in agriculture or to make fuel material.

Component parts like hard disks which are made of aluminum are smelted and the resultant metal ingots used in making vehicle parts.

E waste Management in Pune

There are also certain machine parts that are expressly sent back to the manufacturer for recycling, for example printer toner cartridges. Here we see that recycling does not necessarily mean actively doing the treatment of the electronic waste, but may also be about categorizing and sending off the components back to the manufacturer (for those manufacturers who recycle).

Some metals such as barium are extracted via electrolysis and reused. Likewise extracted nickel and cadmium are reused in the making of fortified steels and dry cells.

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The Benefits of Recycling Old Computers

We are a technology-driven society. In addition to having iPads, e-readers, smart phones and laptops, as many as 66% of the households in the U.S. have three or more computers, according to The NPD Group. What happens to these devices and computers when they break down or are replaced by newer models? The goal is to save them from the landfill and encourage users to participate in e-cycling. There are consequences for not doing so.

E-cycling: It’s the Law

Did you know that it’s illegal to throw away electronics? Many state laws exist to ban all electronics from ending up in the landfill. This includes desktops, laptops, monitors, TV’s and accessories. In fact, according to the 2006 Senate Bill’s update to the Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act, the fine for violations has been increased to $7,000. This applies to both personal use and manufacturers. Thanks to this amendment, they expect to double the amount of electronics being recycled.

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In our technology-driven society it is imperative that we dispose of old computers in a responsible way. According to the EPA, e-cycling reduces landfill usage and incineration, prevents pollution, saves energy, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, conserves natural resources and helps protect the environment for future generations.

What are The Necessary Steps to Recycle a Computer?

Throwing an old computer out on the curb isn’t an option. Computers contain materials that are harmful to the environment. To protect the ozone and prevent toxins from causing further damage, it’s important to recycle old computers. The following is a list of steps you need to take to destroy your hard drive and prevent identity theft from leaving personal information on your computer:

Back up your files. Use a flash drive or disk to copy any information you need to save.

Remove your personal information. To do this you can use hard disk software or destroy the hard drive.

Shut it down. Close all programs shut off the computer and unplug it. Use caution when removing parts form the computer as they may contain static shock.

Disconnect the hard drive.

Pull the connector breaks free.

Remove the hard drive. You’ll need to find where it’s screwed in and remove the screws.

Smash the hard drive to destroy it.

Some parts of the computer can be removed and sold as scrap. Find the gold fingers, bonding wires, the motherboard, SIMS, transistors, electroplating, connectors, CPUs and RAM. Once you’ve collected enough of each of these items you can cash them in either at a local scrap yard or online, using sites like eBay. People will pay for the gold, silver and copper found in computers.

If you want to avoid the fines and save the environment, but you are still unsure about what each computer part looks like or how to disassemble a computer, you can always call stores that sell computers and ask about their buyback or recycling programs, contact your local recycling center about e-cycling or call a junk removal service to scrap it for you.

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Deals and handles the electronic waste in an ethical and responsible manner

Electronic waste all around us will continue to increase and prudence dictates that we speedily find ways to ensure that we deal with the discarded equipment in an environmentally safe way. Examples of these electronics include computers, telephones, televisions, monitors and radio sets, to name but a few. All these, depending on their mode of disposal, generate toxic waste that is hazardous. It has been estimated that we have about 70% heavy metal in waste. This includes cadmium, mercury and lead, all generated from electronic equipment that has been discarded. These harmful substances that are emitted have been linked to adverse health problems experienced by human beings like cancer, hormone disruption and birth defects. The electronic waste resources recovery processes will require deliberate and concerted efforts from the respective governments in each nation if they are to be effective. International organizations that are concerned with the environment can also team up with respective governments and nations to make the efforts successful.

So what are some of the methods that can be used in the recovery process of the electronic waste we find multiplying all around us? The following are recommended;

Electronic Waste Collection in Pune

Governments and environmental organizations can establish efficient and effective programs for e-waste collection, especially around urban centers. These will provide convenient avenues where the electronics can be disposed of and collected for recovery and recycling. This measure will also go a long way in helping the residents who use these gadgets. They will be able to understand the importance of enhancing their own safety through proper electronic waste disposal.

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