Get to know about Battery recyclers in Pune

Don’t throw those old batteries in the trash! Battery recycling is something that we can all do to protect the environment and ourselves. Battery recycling is such an important issue that in 1996, the United States Congress passed the Battery Act, which details how manufacturers and consumers can do a better job of disposing of and reusing old batteries.

Old batteries pose several risks to the environment including:

  • Polluting lakes and streams when they are burned and the metals vaporize into the air.
  • Heavy metals that leach into the soil in landfills.
  • Lead that can potentially cause harmful conditions for humans and animals.
  • Acids can leak out that are corrosive and can burn eyes and skin.

Battery recyclers in Pune

What Does Battery Recycling?

When you buy a new battery, most likely the place where you buy it will have a place to dispose of your old battery, and you may also be charged a small fee for recycling. If not, then you can contact your city or town’s municipal waste department and find out if they have a program for recycling. If neither of these is an option, you can go online to find the nearest recycling center that takes batteries.

The government has set up a battery recycling system for car batteries because they contain a large amount of both acid and lead. Rechargeable batteries also have a battery recycling option. These are made of nickel cadmium, which leak extremely dangerous substances into the environment when they are disposed of improperly. The lithium battery that may be powering your laptop can also be recycled. It does not harm the environment when disposed of, but it does contain components that are easy to use in battery recycling.

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Methods that can be used in the E waste Management in Pune

The electronic waste problem must first of all be dealt with at the production level, and alleviated from there. Policies can be created so that firms dealing in electronics can generate advanced recycling fees and have extended producer responsibility. These firms can also be guided by the policies to create better product designs that do not degenerate quickly and whose disposal can be done safely, if not recycled.

Computer scrap center in Pune
Electronic Scrap buyer in Pune

Governments and environmental organizations can establish efficient and effective programs for e-waste collection, especially around urban centers. These will provide convenient avenues where the electronics can be disposed of and collected for recovery and recycling. This measure will also go a long way in helping the residents who use these gadgets. They will be able to understand the importance of enhancing their own safety through proper electronic waste disposal.

The E waste recycling facilities that have been established to deal with E waste can then come up with best practices so that they can have an easy time dealing with the electronic waste. These firms should incorporate responsibility in their policies and ensure, for example, that they do not burn plastics from these gadgets. They should ensure that they uphold a safe environment for all in the process of recycling.

Ultimately, of course, awareness should be created through educational programs on environmental consciousness as a whole, and not just electronic waste resource recovery.

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Know how E waste collection in Pune helps environment

The generations past have seen the cradle of technology at its most crude form .Right from the dawn of humanity, and for as long as mankind will walk the face of the earth, you can be sure that innovation and invention will never cease..


e-waste management pune
Battery recyclers in Pune

We who enjoy the advanced stages of this technology have replaced the human effort for every possible task with a gadget; the earth is literally teeming with them. As it will naturally be expected, many of the earlier gadgets and inventions are becoming obsolete at an alarming rate. The amount of waste therefore, that is building up with each passing year is growing and multiplying greatly. 

ewaste management in pune

Electronic waste all around us will continue to increase and prudence dictates that we speedily find ways to ensure that we deal with the discarded equipment in an environmentally safe way. Examples of these electronics include computers, telephones, televisions, monitors and radio sets, to name but a few. All these, depending on their mode of disposal, generate toxic waste that is hazardous. It has been estimated that we have about 70% heavy metal in waste.

This includes cadmium, mercury and lead, all generated from electronic equipment that has been discarded. These harmful substances that are emitted have been linked to adverse health problems experienced by human beings like cancer, hormone disruption and birth defects.The electronic waste resources recovery processes will require deliberate and concerted efforts from the respective governments in each nation if they are to be effective. International organizations that are concerned with the environment can also team up with respective governments and nations to make the efforts successful.

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Know the importance of Battery recyclers in Pune

Now-a-days Electrical appliances and machines have changed the lives of many people. Naturally, electrical appliances need electrical energy to function, but electrical energy may not always be available. Portable batteries are the best solution for using electrical appliances in case of a power shortage. Batteries have become extremely popular in the United States. The growing popularity, however, is accompanied by the problems of pollution and other hazards.

Battery recyclers in Pune
Battery recyclers in Pune

The chemical make up of batteries varies in that different batteries may contain heavy metals such as zinc and lead, which may pose significant environmental threats. Batteries, when disposed in an unsafe manner, may leak into the ground, cause corrosion of the soil, and pose problems for wildlife. Recycling batteries allows safe disposal of used batteries and prevents pollution.

Batteries are primarily classified into two basic categories, namely, chargeable batteries and non-chargeable batteries. Non-chargeable batteries cannot be recycled. Chargeable batteries, on the other hand, can be reused and recycled. Chargeable batteries consist of a large variety of materials that can be recycled to form raw materials for manufacturing industries. Common components in batteries are lead, nickel-cadmium, nickel hydride, and mercury. The batteries are first separated from plastics and insulation material using gas-fired thermal oxidizers. Batteries are then processed using heat treatment furnaces using large amounts of energy to create the end product.

The American government specifies certain rules and standard procedures to be followed for the purpose of recycling batteries. There is a large number of battery recycling centers all over the nation. The centers recycle batteries based on principles and standards specified by government authorities. The centers collect used batteries from American households and offer recharged batteries at a nominal cost. These centers also provide services for recycling rechargeable batteries that have reached the end of their usable life.

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Know the procedures followed by E waste recycling companies in PUNE

Ewaste recycling helps to process several tones of e waste in a systematic and appropriate manner that helps protect the environment as well as reduce the amount of raw materials that need to be produced from mining or other environmentally harmful practices for producing the next generation of electronic devices.


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E waste Management in Pune


E waste recycling companies follow these procedures as below:

1.Collection of Ewaste

  • E waste recycling companies schedule collection of electronic waste from homes and companies and provide an estimate of the entire job.
  • All electronic equipment is tracked by an efficient material tracking system and each component’s description and weight is recorded for inventory tracking and accountability of the warehouse mass balance.

2. Classification of Ewaste

The E waste that is received is processed and sorted out into two streams:

  • E waste that is fit for reuse – Equipments for electronic waste or components that are in a working state or can be easily repaired is refurbished for resale. Those that are over a minimum hardware specification for example, Pentium 4 products, are fit for recycling.
  • Ewaste that is not fit for reuse is disassembled manually. This helps recover base material for reprocessing.

3. Reuse of Ewaste

  • E waste that is classified for reuse by the authorized and registered Ewaste recycling and refurbishing companies follow a stringent QA process.
  • The refurbishing process includes data erasure and sanitization, test and tagging, cleaning, upgrading of RAM or the HDD, replacing faulty motherboards, refurbishing and/or conducting minor repairs. The electronic product is sold back through online portals such as e-Bay or authorized asset brokers.

4. Recycling of Ewaste

  • In order to achieve the highest recovery rate of resources Electronic waste recycling companies manually disassemble the ewaste products into its base materials and components. While the disassembly process is carried out, it is checked to see if the components exceed a minimal functional specification that is required for it to be reused.
  • The material that is recovered after the disassembly process includes components like steel, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, Central Processing Units (CPU), Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Sound Cards, Graphic Cards, Floppy/CD/DVD Drives, Modems, Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, CPU Fans, Motors/Transformers, Cables, Adaptors, Batteries and wood. All other materials are categorized by type and weight then sent to downstream material or component recyclers for reprocessing.
  • In order to make sure that all the material that is received at the centers is accounted for, the E waste recycling company keeps track of the weight of the material that is sent out to the downstream material and component recyclers.

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Why we need computer scrap center in Pune?

There are several items and materials that can be recycled and reused. Most of these materials can be found right inside your home or garage. You can even bring in old auto parts and bits of mystery metal for recycling. You never know what might be valuable to someone else. Continue reading to catch up on various ideas on things to bring to a recycling center for reuse.


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Hazardous waste buyer in Pune


There are many different items that a person could find right in their trash can that can be recycled! For example, paper products, food cartridges, soda cans, plastic jugs, milk cartons, plastic wrap, and more are all recyclable goods that we tend to overlook on a daily basis. Recycling these things is great for the environment, as well as, a source of income for some people. Scrap metal prices are moderate today, and most centers pay decent returns for large recycling bundles. Start saving all your soda cans and newspapers for some extra money in the piggy bank!

Even right now, you may have items in your garage or shed that are recyclable goods that you are unaware of, such as old lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, tools, rubber hoses, old electrical wiring, and even wood can all be recycled. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of items and designate a recycling bin to store them in. At the end of every week, or month, you can take these items to your local recycling center for a cash reward, or just peace of mind that you are helping the environment!

You can even recycle electronics! Regardless of age, model, or condition, a recycling center will accept your electronic devices and recycle them safely. Examples of recyclable electronics include computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, pagers, circuit boards, GPS equipment, landline phones, fax machines, copiers, DVD players, VCRs, 2 way radios, stereos, and more.

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E waste Management in Pune Is The Answer of Home Electronic Waste

Electronics have revolutionized life at home with washing machines, microwave ovens, electric cookers, dishwashers, computers, vacuum cleaners, lighting devices, telephones, mobile phones, hair dryers, televisions and so much more. It’s hard to imagine a comfortable life without the latest in electronic home appliances and gadgets. However, once they reach their “end of life,” they also make up the bulk of waste that threatens the environment, owing to the dangerous elements present in them.When one lacks knowledge about proper recycling procedures, they simply end up crowding their homes with electronic home appliances that are no longer in use. Since they are not quite sure about how to get rid of old gadgets that are not being used, they just hoard it at home, in storage units or in their basements, hoping to figure it out someday as to what they will do with it.

E waste recycling company in Pune

As the modern world continues to create endless amounts of trash due to the speedily progressing technology, landfill management is becoming more and more of a complex problem. A huge amount of waste electronic products is dumped in landfills without being broken down organically. Other than only occupying space, leading to the need to create more landfills, electronic waste is also hazardous for the environment because most often they contain toxic elements. When these elements leach into the ground and groundwater that surrounds landfills, it creates a harmful environment for the nearby plant, animal, and human lives.

Electronic waste recycling and reuse of obsolete home appliances and electronic equipment keeps them out of landfills and helps to recapture valuable resources. It also aids in creating less waste on the whole, and presenting usable items to organizations that need them. As brand new products and technology continues to hit the market, it is imperative that relevant information and resources are available to ensure that old electronic items are properly discarded.

It is simple. Many of the used home electronic appliances can be donated or sold at a garage sale if they are in working condition or simply tossed in recycling containers that are set in residential areas. It is important, however, to find a recycling facility that uses responsible practices to recycle electronic materials by obtaining valuable resources from them and properly dispose of non-recyclable portions.

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How can we save environment with the help of Electronic Scrap buyer in Pune ?

Currently computer electronics continue to upgrade, areas of your network and IT is going to run into all sorts of issues with staying relevant. Ensuring your business is able to run smoothly and maintain a high level of productivity is important, so when you run old hardware it just is not going to function properly. This is exactly why you need to upgrade your equipment and, when you no longer need it, sell your old hardware to e scrap buyers. The Electronic Scrap buyer are able to obtain the devices you no longer use, upgrade the equipment when they can, or simply scrap the device and use the parts for other projects. Either way, regardless of what the other company does with it, you are able to rid yourself of outdated hardware and, at the same time, make a bit of money on the device you probably were just going to toss out anyways.

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E waste Management in Pune

The first step in determining what products you need and what you don’t is to have IT maintenance services monitor the equipment. This is able to determine what areas of the network you don’t need, where you need to upgrade and what is running just find. After the IT department is able to scan through the system and see where the weaker links are present, it is possible to remove and upgrade this hardware and keep the rest. It isn’t necessary to replace everything when only one or two devices products need scrapping. By doing this, you are going to extend the life of some of the hardware and also save you money, all at the same time.

After you have removed the old devices and upgraded the equipment, you are going to have the old hardware just sitting around. Some companies are going to offer to simply pick it up from you so you don’t have to spend any money throwing it out, but the problem with this is these companies are actually going to make money off of the item you are tossing out. You should never give out those kinds of items for free, so instead of just giving it away, it is far better to make some sort of a profit off of it instead. This is where the e scrap buyers come in handy. The e scrap buyers are able to look over the items you have and determine what they can pay you for it. Different elements are going to be worth more money while other items are going to allow you to save a considerable amount of money when you hand it on.

This way, you can take the money you receive from the Electronic Scrap buyer and interject the money back into the business. This helps you grow, expand your services and make more money, all because you decided to use the services of the Electronic Scrap buyer and sell your outdated equipment.

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Know Ewaste Recycling Process used by E waste recycling company in Pune

Majority of the e-waste is deposited to the centers where they go through the system known as WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that recycles 95-98% of the electronic waste. One big advantage of this system is that any data stored on hard drives and memories are destroyed which can be harmful otherwise.

The Ewaste Recycling process consists of the following steps:

  • Picking Shed- In this step, the trash is sorted by hand where the batteries and copper are separated for quality control.
  • Reducing Size– Reducing the size of the items is done by following the shredding process after which the trash is thoroughly sorted. Data is also destroyed during this process.
  • Secondary Size Reduction- The debris is laid out on the conveyor belt properly so that the dust can be extracted from the waste.
  • Overband Magnet- Magnet is used to remove iron debris from the e-waste.
  • Metallic & Non Metallic Debris- Metallic and non metallic contents like copper aluminum and brass are extracted as raw materials from e-waste.


Electronic Waste Collection in Pune
E waste Management in Pune

Ewaste Recycling is important to save environment and huge process follows into recycling the products. By following the different ways to dispose of old gadgets responsibly, recycling is becoming a mass movement which will not only benefit individuals, corporate houses but also the society in general.


At the rate that technology is evolving, more and more electronics, gadgets and other household electronics will become obsolete. Our government and society are doing the best they can to help regulate and improve the way we dispose of our “latest” eWaste.

Not totally hopeless, we have been seeing more recycling companies improve the way they manage eWaste and improve the process of recycling and disposal. All is not lost, each of us would need to put in our own share of being environmentally responsible with regard to disposing our eWaste.

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Know the requirement of Electronic Waste Collection in Pune

Consumers have to be more discreet and take up more responsibility regarding throwing off old mobile phones. Whether an individual or a corporate house, disposing of trash should be done carefully. In fact, the good news is that consumers can follow any of the recycling ways depending on their convenience. They can either donate or sell corporate mobile phones for recycling. Now, the devices will meet with two different kinds of fate. Firstly, they can be made reusable and secondly they can be ripped off and the components recycled to be used in other forms. Various such programs are available for the consumers to choose from.

E waste Management in Pune

Is Disposing Of E-Waste Allowed?

This question does not have a general answer. Whether one can dispose of old electronic devices or not depends on the country one resides in and also on the device to a large extent. Some cities and communities have placed ban on disposing of electronic gadgets while others do not have any such effective bans. In case residents are not allowed, they should not indulge in any such practice; that will be illegal.

Collection of E-Waste

There are various ways of collecting electronic waste and once users have submitted the phone, they can rest assured that the money will be paid and the device used for a greater purpose. Recycle bins have been placed at various spots so that the waste is picked up and delivered to the recycling center. The trucks pick up the waste from those bins and deposit them to the center where they are processed.

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