How E waste Recycling Works?

Every year globally we generate 20-50 millions  e waste. According to the sources only 20% out of that get recycled.

& Today we are going to know how e waste recycling works?

One compelling reason is that 70% of toxic materials in land field are comprise of e waste.

Talking about 70% of toxic material comprises of  electronics such as nickle cadmium batteries, CRT(consist of 5 pounds Lead), this makes great impact to recycle.

Let’s check out behind the scenes what happen to these materials after they are collected.

E waste Recycling Works

e waste recycling process infographic
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  1. Dis-mental the batteries, hard drives from PC’s
  2. In warehouse copiers remove the toner before shredding them.
  3. Separate the un-shredding material devices such as TV’S LCD & Batteries


In this point we sort the shredding materials on mechanical separation.

Two separate lines One handles ferrous material like steel or anything contain iron content. & Other line handles non ferrous materials like alumnium, copper, & other things find in electronics.

At the shredders output side  magnet is pulling ferrous materials out.

It is economical & feasible way to recycle e waste. simply because we try to deconstruct everything you won’t able to keep up A & B a cost would be lot higher.

So  really try to shred lines essentially de manufactured it & break it down elaborate the materials from each other so that we at classification line the machine can sort everything out.

Classification Line

So at the last section of separation i.e classification line here try to do separate out materials those back into raw components.

Using sensors on the conveyor belt the copper, stainless steel, are separated from plastic material.

& Here we get the plastic & electronic that can be used to recycle.

Hope you have get the clear idea about how e waste recycling is works.

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EwasteKuldeep E-Waste Disposals specializes in the collection, transportation and disposal of wide-ranging e-Waste materials in strict compliance with the latest provisions of the ‘e-Waste Handling and Disposal Rules, 2016’.

Established in 2011, we are an MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune city. We have a robust setup comprising a 3,500 SQF facility at Katraj (Pune), backed by a fleet of specialized trucks for logistics support.

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Our team of experienced, well-trained professionals brings a high level of technical expertise in e-Waste management. Capitalizing on our team and proven process, we are strongly positioned to meet the complex e-Waste challenges in your business.

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Logistics/transportation of E-Waste is very important factor since the waste procured must be handled very carefully.After collection of E-Waste from you we seperate the “in working condition” units for re-use from other dead units. Data destruction with the help of power tools we destroy the data storage devices.If given to us and generate reports for all destroyed E-Waste which may have any data whatsoever.Each destroyed data storage device report certificate with serial numbers on our latterhead can be provided,if our clients demands the same.

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It is essential to ensure that all sensitive and confidential data should be destroyed when the particular electronic asset is being retired. Deleting information from a computer does not make it go away; the hard drive should be physically destroyed or granulated in a secure environment.

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It is important to be cautious and not get misled by fraudulent recycling companies. Everyone should be careful when it comes to disposing Ewaste and make sure that it is recycled responsibly.

  • Always make note of the following:
  • Ewaste recycling company should have a clear recycling procedure.
  • Find out how they carry out data destruction.
  • Clarify their certification and accreditation.
  • Ask for a certificate of recycling

There is a price to pay for anything that comes free. Fake Ewaste recycling traders will be willing to take electronic waste for free, since they have other ways to make profits. Always find out where the Ewaste is finally going to end up.

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True fact is that a huge proportion of the companies that claim to be Ewaste recyclers turn out to be just exporters of electronic waste to overseas countries. Most people are blind to the damage caused to countries like China or Nigeria by the huge amount of Ewaste collecting in landfills. The illegal recyclers use primitive methods of recycling like burning, breaking and dismantling without using protective equipment and portions that are not useful are finally dumped in the rivers. Some others believe that by sending electronic waste to these countries, they are helping to boost the country’s economy by providing jobs in Ewaste recycling to the impoverished unemployed citizens.

The reality, however, is that when Ewaste containing personal data on their internal memory is illegally shipped to countries in Africa, China, or India, it gets in the hands of organized criminals who scan the hard drives and other memory devices for information that can be used to commit fraud, including addresses, phone numbers and financial details.

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Ewaste problems may be an issue they need to struggle with, yet cases of financial fraud and identity theft may put an individual or a company in a difficult situation. Most people opt for the convenience of online services, with services like online shopping, banking, social networking, filing tax returns never have been more popular. All of these require inputting personal and financial details, that is then saved and stored on the hard drive of the computer.

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In order to achieve the highest recovery rate of resources Electronic waste recycling companies manually disassemble the ewaste products into its base materials and components. While the disassembly process is carried out, it is checked to see if the components exceed a minimal functional specification that is required for it to be reused.

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The material that is recovered after the disassembly process includes components like steel, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, Central Processing Units (CPU), Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Sound Cards, Graphic Cards, Floppy/CD/DVD Drives, Modems, Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, CPU Fans, Motors/Transformers, Cables, Adaptors, Batteries and wood. All other materials are categorized by type and weight then sent to downstream material or component recyclers for reprocessing. In order to make sure that all the material that is received at the centers is accounted for, the electronic waste recycling company keeps track of the weight of the material that is sent out to the downstream material and component recyclers.

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When one lacks knowledge about proper recycling procedures, they simply end up crowding their homes with electronic home appliances that are no longer in use. Since they are not quite sure about how to get rid of old gadgets that are not being used, they just hoard it at home, in storage units or in their basements, hoping to figure it out someday as to what they will do with it.

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As the modern world continues to create endless amounts of trash due to the speedily progressing technology, landfill management is becoming more and more of a complex problem. A huge amount of waste electronic products is dumped in landfills without being broken down organically. Other than only occupying space, leading to the need to create more landfills, electronic waste is also hazardous for the environment because most often they contain toxic elements. When these elements leach into the ground and groundwater that surrounds landfills, it creates a harmful environment for the nearby plant, animal, and human lives.

Electronic waste recycling and reuse of obsolete home appliances and electronic equipment keeps them out of landfills and helps to recapture valuable resources. It also aids in creating less waste on the whole, and presenting usable items to organizations that need them. As brand new products and technology continues to hit the market, it is imperative that relevant information and resources are available to ensure that old electronic items are properly discarded.

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Recycling an old computer might be very difficult to imagine. Unlike materials like paper or plastic which are easily prepared for proper recycling process using a baler, the substances that make up computers are much more complicated to deal with. The best way therefore to address the issue is to bring the old CPU back to the manufacturing company. This way, you can be sure that the used product is taken care of by people who are indeed knowledgeable about how to recycle it. Some big time companies would even give a minimum payout especially for computers that seem to be still of significant use in spite of its oldness.

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Another great way of maximizing the usefulness of old computers is to give them away to charity. Many underprivileged families would be very grateful for a donation like this. There are also schools that might be in need of them. Donating these would definitely add up to the educational resources poor kids unquestionably must have in order to be well-informed in the area of information technology. By doing so, you will not only help achieve a greener earth but also play a major role in the lives of many children.

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Battery recyclers in Pune INDIA helps to keep toxic pollution at bay.

Ewaste recycling is an efficient initiative that helps to divert Ewaste from toxic landfills. By recycling electronic waste, earth’s natural resources are preserved and it prevents hazardous waste disposal from causing air and water pollution.

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It is also a means of reusing valuable materials like copper, aluminium, plastic and glass thereby reducing the mining of the earth’s natural resources. The need to fully manufacture new products is also eliminated when old devices are refurbished for reuse. This helps to reduce greenhouse emissions by a large amount.

The development and upgrading of electronic gadgets is a continuing process. However, with the numerous options, systems and technology that is available today to recycle and reuse the electronic devices themselves or the valuable resources that they contain, Ewaste can be greatly reduced and thus help protect the earth for future generations.

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Throwing an old smart phone or other Ewaste on the footpath is definitely a bad idea. Personal fraud or identity fraud is a well known crime type that poses a growing threat to communities around the world, resulting from the rapid development and availability of internet technology and the increase in popularity of electronic storage, transmission and sharing of data. So while most people shred old bank statements and bills, and keep PIN numbers private, not much thought is given while discarding old laptops or smart phones in dumpsters, and thus willingly inviting the neighbourhood fraudster or hacker to make use of personal information.

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While everyone talks about the importance of recycling electronic waste responsibly, the threat of hackers and fraudsters add another dimension to why recycling electronic waste with companies who run a scrupulous business should be of prime importance. When seeking an Ewaste recycler, always confirm their data destruction policy. Some may only carry out data wiping or re formatting. It is advisable to go for an Ewaste recycling company which offers physical data destruction where hard drives are taken apart and then shredded in a way that it would be impossible to rebuild it and retrieve information.

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These days, Americans tend to be more environmentally conscious than ever. Sure, there are still some people who toss empty plastic water bottles out of their gas-guzzling SUVs as they drive to the big box store that is only 5 blocks away. But for the most part, people are making an effort to be more “green”, from bring their own canvas bags to the grocery store, to reducing their meet consumption, to making an effort to shop for local produce whenever possible. In addition to reducing consumption in general, and then reusing whenever possible, the third of the three “Rs” is recycle.

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Most people are pretty good about getting used tuna cans, day-old newspapers, empty glass bottles into the recycling bin. But what about more complicated items like fancy electronics? You can’t exactly toss your old computer into the green recycling bin that you put on your front curb every Tuesday and expect the village to take it away and recycle it for you.

That is why so many people are turning to an alternative method of recycling used electronics that allows them to make a little cash on the side: they decide to Sell Hewlett Packard laptop parts to companies that deal in used electronics. This is an inventive business model that allows everyone involved to come out happier and a little bit richer.

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