5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

When we use another new device for replacement / malfunction of electronic devices after prolonged use, this inefficient malfunctioning device is called e-waste. Such as computers, mobile phones, printers, photocopy machines, inverter, UPS, LCD / television, radio / transistors, digital cameras & more

5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste
5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

The question is how to dispose these e waste in effective way? So, let’s checkout…

Safe Treatment & Disposal of E-waste Are Mainly Done in 5 Types.

  1. Secured land-filling
  2. Insinuation
  3. Recycling
  4. Metal recovery by acid
  5. Reuse

1. Secured land-filling

The e-waste is built on the flat land and the pits are pressed into the soil by putting the e-waste in it. Should be pressed.

2. Insinuation

– In this process the e-waste is lit in a fully closed chamber inside the insulator at a temperature of 900 to 1000 degree centigrade.
– Due to which the quantity of e-waste is reduced considerably and the toxicity of the organic substance present in it is reduced significantly.
– The smoke and gas coming out of the chimney in the injector is passed through the Air Pollution Control System (APCS) and the various types of metals present in the smoke are separated by chemical action and the gases are treated.

3. Recycling

– Devices such as electronic waste, monitors, picture tubes, laptops, keyboards, telephones, hard drives, CD drives, fax machines, printers, CPUs, modem cables etc. can be recycled.
– In this process, various metals and plastics are sabotaged separately and preserved for reuse.

Donte Your E Waste

4. Metal recovery by acid

– Different types of parts like ferrous and non ferrous metal and printed circuit board are separated by electronic waste.
– Different types of metals like lead, copper, aluminum, silver, gold, platinum etc. are used for the recovery of metals by using concentrates.
– Residue plastic waste is recycled for reuse.

5. Reuse

– Old electronic devices are repaired and made for reuse.
– Such as computers, mobiles, laptops, inkjet cartage, inverter, television / LCD, UPS, printers etc. can be properly reused and reused.

So, by implementing above mention 5 ways you can easily dispose, recycle & reused your e waste efficiently which not only help you to reuse but also helps to keep environment clean & safe.

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how to scrap computer

How to Scrap Old Computer for Metals [8 Step Easy Guide]

Many homeowners like you have a old computers, Desktop PC in their house. If you’re wanting to upgrade to a laptop computer, it are often tough to search out an area to recycle your old computer. when you have got found a neighborhood computer scrap center that accepts electronic waste or e-waste, you’ll be able to bring your old computer to be scrapped. Scrap Centers can sometimes NOT settle for monitors, mice, keyboards, or printers tho’, they’re going to settle for desktop towers as a full unit. you’ll be able to conjointly take time to require them apart for extra money.

Scrap Old Computer for Metals [8 Step Process]

cpu parts scrap
cpu parts scrap
  1. RAM – attempt casting off the ram 1st it ought to be very easy its secured by plastic tabs, loosen them and simply pull out the RAM.
  2. Heatsink – The Heatsink is covering the processor, it ought to have fasteners or screws holding it down, confiscate the screws or apply pressure to the fasteners to tug it out.
  3. CPU – The C.P.U. ought to be beneath the heatsink, to require out the C.P.U. there ought to be a lever, simply pull it and also the C.P.U. ought to commence.
  4. PCI Boards – The PCI Boards ought to be very straightforward too, simply pull it out, you may have to be compelled to do away with some screws
  5. Motherboard – Once you have took out the elements connected to the motherboard, you must do away with, of course, the motherboard next. All ought you must have to be compelled to do is do away with the screws that connects it to the case and it should pop right out.
  6. Hard Drive – this can be pretty straightforward to require out, simply unscrew it.
  7. Disk Drive – Just unscrew it too and it should pop out.
  8. Power Supply – Unscrew and it should come right out.

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old computer buyers near me in pune
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Why To Sell Old Computers?

  • Technology Outdated
  • Performance Degraded
  • Not in Daily Use
  • Lack Of Speed
  • You upgraded to new one & more reasons…

But All this your old computers lead to  E waste i.e Electronic Waste & if you know E waste is getting serious issue day by day, for that you have to dispose you E waste asap because it hazards you & environment badly in anyway.

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  • computer scrap
  • old electronics
  • second hand computer
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  • electronic scrap & more.

Final Thoughts

E waste is dangerous & it can cause harm to your near & dear one’s.

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How E waste Recycling Works?

Every year globally we generate 20-50 millions  e waste. According to the sources only 20% out of that get recycled.

& Today we are going to know how e waste recycling works?

One compelling reason is that 70% of toxic materials in land field are comprise of e waste.

Talking about 70% of toxic material comprises of  electronics such as nickle cadmium batteries, CRT(consist of 5 pounds Lead), this makes great impact to recycle.

Let’s check out behind the scenes what happen to these materials after they are collected.

E waste Recycling Works

e waste recycling process infographic
Image Source :- https://shredonsite.com.au/e-waste-recycling/
  1. Dis-mental the batteries, hard drives from PC’s
  2. In warehouse copiers remove the toner before shredding them.
  3. Separate the un-shredding material devices such as TV’S LCD & Batteries


In this point we sort the shredding materials on mechanical separation.

Two separate lines One handles ferrous material like steel or anything contain iron content. & Other line handles non ferrous materials like alumnium, copper, & other things find in electronics.

At the shredders output side  magnet is pulling ferrous materials out.

It is economical & feasible way to recycle e waste. simply because we try to deconstruct everything you won’t able to keep up A & B a cost would be lot higher.

So  really try to shred lines essentially de manufactured it & break it down elaborate the materials from each other so that we at classification line the machine can sort everything out.

Classification Line

So at the last section of separation i.e classification line here try to do separate out materials those back into raw components.

Using sensors on the conveyor belt the copper, stainless steel, are separated from plastic material.

& Here we get the plastic & electronic that can be used to recycle.

Hope you have get the clear idea about how e waste recycling is works.

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E-waste Recycling: Where to Donate Your Old Computers, Electronics, Phones in India

E-waste Recycling

Managing plastic waste has become a crucial a part of our discourse on waste management, and that’s a important issue.

However, e-waste should additionally enter that crucial conversation because it contains serious metals and different toxic chemicals like mercury, lead, and sulphur that create a true danger to our surroundings.

According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and trade of Asian nation, the country is predicted to provide 3.3 million tonnes of e-waste containing toxic metals and chemicals by the top of 2018.

old computers ewaste

By 2020

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology says by 2020, it is likely to reach 5.2 MT, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 30%.

Direct contact of harmful materials that may cause serious health hazards are:-

  • Lead,
  • Cadmium,
  • Chromium,
  • Brominated flame retardants or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Exposure to toxic fumes

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology says “Toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soil and water may cause pollution, while toxic fumes reach into the environment and cause air pollution”

Modern Age Electronic Products Found Everywhere

  • Computer monitors,
  • Motherboards,
  • Mobile phones and chargers,
  • Headphones,
  • Television sets,
  • Air conditioners and refrigerators

For starters, if your computers, refrigerators or microwave are still in operating condition, you’ll be able to present them to a non-profit.

Old computers, for instance, is given to government faculties or non-profits. you want to make sure that the merchandise is in an exceedingly reusable condition.

Similarly, you’ll be able to sell your used electronics on websites like Olx or Quickr, whereas many corporations like Amazon and Flipkart have exchange offers for mobile phones.

Here’s what you can do, instead:

1) Give your e-waste to the nearest authorized e-waste collection centres/recyclers.

2) Call the producer/ manufacturer of your product for e-waste collection.



Minimize Your E wast [7 Ways]

India is that the fourth-largest producer of e-waste (discarded electronic material like mobile phones, chargers, laptops, keyboards etc) within the world, generating near to a pair of million tonnes of e-waste a year. that’s the challenge E Waste Management Company in PuneE Waste Kuldeep“, has been breakage away at.
The producing of those devices and therefore the use of rare materials that get in their production represent a large supply of embodied energy.
Minimizing e-waste helps to conserve resources and reduces the quantity of energy we have a tendency to take from the planet.

7 Ways To Minimize Your E waste

  • Buy electronics that are environmentally friendly :-
  • Buy multiple functions device
  • Extend the life of your electronics
  • Donate used electronics
  • Reuse large electronics
  • Recycle electronics and batteries
  • Sell your old computers to e waste buyer 


Minimizing the e waste is key to save energy. foremost things you can do on your end is buying environmental friendly electronics gadgets / appliances or sell your used old computer, laptop, mobile phones, smart watches etc. to e waste management company.

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But I estimate that few points which could be the reason:-

  • Buying / already Buy new one
  • Want to dispose / recycle for e-waste management.

there may be more reasons too but probably  I think above 2 are on priority..right?

Potential Environmental Hazard

old computers ewaste

  • Emissions of brominated dioxins, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons.
  • PAHs released into air, water, and soil

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Know Importance of Ewaste recycling in PUNE

During times of economic uncertainty and staggering consumer confidence levels, companies seek alternative measures to increase business sustainability. Businesses incur additional costs to cover operational expenses; however, companies unintentionally waste their revenue on excess supplies and inefficient policies. Sustainable businesses generate additional revenue through targeting environmentally conscious customers, and reducing consumption, reusing materials, and disposing of waste responsibly.

Business sustainability counteracts the materialistic nature of modern societies that creates an addiction to garbage and waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States department dedicated to municipal waste (MSW) management, businesses generate 45 percent of the total waste in the country. According to data taken from the “State of Garbage in America” survey in 2006, the country generates 413,014,732 tons of garbage per year; however, only 35.5 percent (146,601,768 tons) of the waste is recycled or reused. The remaining 64.5 percent (146, 601,768 tons) can be found in one of 1,800 landfills nationwide, which defeats business sustainability efforts.

EWaste in Relation to Business Sustainability

In order to build business sustainability one must plan and allocate resources according to current needs. The type of waste businesses produce depends upon the industry; however, common categories include paper products, electronics and machinery, hazardous waste, non-renewable energy, as well as expired products. According to the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, office workers use 10,000 sheets of paper per year; however, only 66 percent of office paper is recycled and reused. It is pertinent to utilize recycled products within the business to increase resource efficiency.

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It probably says a lot about how far we have come as a society that in 2008, environmental policy across business and government is not an afterthought or a footnote on an agenda to bear in mind. However when you consider that it has taken the erosion of our selfish liberties like how much water we are able to use and how much it is now costing us at the petrol bowser for us to reevaluate our priorities. This combined with the guilt of a movie like an ‘Inconvenient Truth’ and a Generation Y screaming for change now reach both voting age and positions of influence and financial clout that a true picture can really be seen.

If we examine the technological industry minus the hysterics that often accompany these debates, one could draw the conclusion that little progress is being made at all. One of our biggest issues is e-waste and we are all guilty of this pleasure fueling this problem. If you ponder a moment the 2000s and your own home circumstances as best as you can recall.

In your household, how many TVs, mobile phones and computers have you owned collectively in this decade? As a rough guide the average modern middle class family averages a mobile phone per person in a home and replaces a phone once every two years.

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Know What can you do for E waste Management in Pune?

You can control where you make your purchases as 2006 Greenpeace study showed that Nokia and Dell rated most highly for eliminating toxic waste in their products and having sound e-waste management policies. Surprisingly Apple, often lauded for being innovative and cutting edge, rated near the bottom along with Lenovo (IBMs notebook partner) and Motorola. Australian company 1800 EWaste claims to be the nations biggest computer recycler and come to your place of business or home to pickup old devices. As mentioned with these types of services earlier, you should bear in mind the recycling policies of the company and where and how things are done. Alternatively donating old devices to schools, community centers and groups, charities (both national and international) and even within your family or social groups can put perfectly good devices to continued use.

Finally using resources like Greener Computing, organisations, government bodies and individuals can develop longer term e-waste management solutions so the entire purchase, usage and disposal cycle is following an overall environmental plan to ensure that other important issues like energy efficiency and pollution levels are also accounted for in your decisions.

If nothing else, the most pertinent point to digest from all of this is that, Kyoto means little without individual and collective action. This action as stated does not need to be that much or even that revolutionary and begins with just awareness of the issue. Ask yourself if that $1.50 per hour that the villagers in Asia are being reportedly paid to sort through your Waste is something you want to live with now and for your children’s future?

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