E-Waste: Why India needs to step up its recycling action

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is the quickest developing stream of waste. Yet it is additionally the most significant stream of waste. A big load of E-waste is probably going to have more silver than a big load of silver metal. As we celebrate the international E-waste day every year on 14 October, how about we move a stage back and check out the obvious truth of E-waste. India generated 3.2 million tons of E-waste yearly and is growing every year.

The expansion in the creation of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) has been credited to industrialization, urbanization, and more significant levels of discretionary cash flow. E-waste age patterns have additionally moved tough, which has been significantly attributed to higher and unreliable utilization, more limited life expectant of items, and the obligatory oldness arranged by the makers of EEE.

Nearly 53.6 million tons of e-waste was generated in 2019 globally. We have no clue where 80 percent of the E-waste produced globally comes from, where it is disposed of, and what are the pre-treatment methods used to extract the resource before it is discarded off. Of this undocumented E-waste, 20 percent is exported as second-hand products or as E-waste to low- or middle-income countries. In high-income countries, around 8 percent of the E-waste is discarded in waste bins along with other streams of waste, which ends up in landfills.

India produced 3.2 million tons of E-waste in 2019. Subtleties of 90% of this waste are undocumented. As per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India has 312 enrolled E-waste recyclers with the ability to deal with 782,080.62 huge loads of E-waste each year.

This implies that if all the E-waste is steered to the approved recyclers in India, it would take four years for the recyclers to handle it. Also, this is after the hopeful presumption that all recyclers work at full limit.

Clearly, the recycling potential of our country is poor. More than 90 percent of our E-waste is handled by the informal sector that resorts to non-scientific and dangerous methods to extract the resource from E-waste and dump it irresponsibly later on.

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Facts about Toxic Pollution

Today we are going to discuss Toxic Pollution. HAZARDOUS, OR TOXIC, waste is the conceivably perilous result of a wide scope of exercises, including fabricating, cultivating, water treatment frameworks, development, car carports, research facilities, clinics, and different enterprises. The waste may be liquid, solid, or sludge and include chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, pathogens, or different materials.

What is toxic pollution?

The term “toxic” is used to differentiate it from the pollution that comes from enhanced levels of carbon dioxide, which makes climate change but does not have direct health impacts. Toxic pollutants are materials contaminating the environment that cause death, disease and/or birth defects in the organisms that ingest or absorb them.

List Of Causes toxic pollution?

  • Lead-Acid Battery Recycling
  • Mercury and Lead Pollution from Mining
  • Coal Mining (Sulfur Dioxide and Mercury Pollution)
  • Artisanal Gold Mining (Mercury Pollution)
  • Lead Smelting
  • Pesticides Pollution from Agriculture and Storage
  • Arsenic in Ground Water
  • Industrial Waste Water
  • Chromium Pollution (Dye Industry)
  • Chromium Pollution (Tanneries)
  • Lead Pollution from Industrial Estate or Industrial Parks
  • Mercury Pollution from Chemical Manufacturing
  • Cyanide Pollution from Mining and Ore Processing

How does toxic pollution affect the environment?

Toxic waste is Harmful material that can hurt individuals, creatures, and plants, regardless of whether it winds up in the ground, in streams, or even noticeable all around. A few poisons, for example, mercury and lead, persevere in the climate for a long time and collect after some time. People or natural life frequently ingests these harmful substances when they eat fish.

List of toxic chemicals products:-

Docking Stations
Networking Equipment
Telecom Equipment And many More…

How we can reduce toxic waste:-

Extend the life of your electronics.
Buy environmentally friendly electronics.
Donate used electronics to social programs
Reuse large electronics
Recycle electronics and batteries in e-waste recycling Etc.

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Top 10 Old Computer Buyers in Pune

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E waste recycling Authorized plant in Pune

Today we talk about E waste and E waste Recycling Authorized plant in Pune. As we are becoming more technologically dependent, we are creating more and more E-waste. These are polluting the environment because we are not concerned about it. A large number of electronic wastes are produced in our country, as people keep switching their devices every couple of years. However, as many don’t know how to settle of e-waste, most of these end up being a part of regular waste or are sold to scrap traders.

Why is e-waste recycling important?

E-waste Recycling or disposal is Important because it included harmful chemicals that affect humans & the environment. If it is don’t Recycling or disposal it properly, it releases Chemicals Like mercury, lead, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, and cadmium. And it affects soil, water & air. Which Humans Basic Needs.  

List Of E-Waste:-  Laptops, Docking Stations, Notebooks, Kindles, iPods, Tablets, Computers, PCs, Servers, Networking Equipment, Modem, Routers, Telecom Equipment, UPS/APC, All Backup Devices, Auto Batteries, Forklift Batteries, Laptop Batteries, Cell phone Batteries CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Printed Circuit Board, Components, IC Chips & Other Misc. Computer Components & all TVs.

How do you recycle e waste?

  • Donate your unused or defective Electronics
  • Sell or donate your Working Electronics to need people.
  • Find the Way How you can use your Old Electronics
  • Recycle your e-waste With nearby Recycling Center
  • Buy Energy Star Rated Appliances

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Company Name: – Ewaste Global Collection Point
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Company Name: – Das Waste Recycle Systems
Address: – 407-Shubhashri, E-1, Jai Ganesh Vision, Shubhashri Residency, Ganga Nagar, Akurdi, Pune:-411035

Final Words:-

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We all need to take a stand to prevent the destruction of the environment we live in. 

What are the causes, effects and control measures of e-waste?

In this time of current science, the development of innovation is amazing. Consistently, various organizations are creating different gadgets and items. They are making those items to release the utilization of a human. In this manner, we are taking the new gadget and toss old apparatuses. Yet, this reality is causing an incredible risk for nature on the earth. These old instruments are making e-waste. E-Waste means electronic waste. This waste particularly originates from large workplaces and associations. We additionally produce e-waste at our home. That is the reason E-Waste Management is a compulsory thing in this current circumstance. We need to manage this waste to keep our environment livable for the next generation.

What Are the Causes of E-waste:- 

There are different reasons therefore causes of e-waste, for Eg:- New Technology & increasing Population, Etc. with the growing competition of the company, the rate of e-waste is also rising. With the increasing population, all these have been triggered even more. It’s simple to learn by one of the simplest methods of the unitary method. So if 1 person buys 1 computer so with an increasing population the number of computers would also increase with this system. In this new age, technology is growing at a lightning-fast speed. Whenever a new device has come into the market. Just after a few months, the next version of that device is introduced in the market by another competitor company. In comparison to the earlier one, the new device has better features and advanced functionality at the same cost or slightly more. Another part that adds to the advancing rate of e-waste is the death of recycling plants in many nations or the slow process of recycling. Many elements of these things can be reused or recycled but only a few nations are taking decent steps in this regard. 

What Are the Effects of E-waste:- 

E-waste impacts three ways on the environment and humans. Air, Water, and Soli.  

First, e-waste can have a damaging impact on the soil of a country. As e-waste separated it releases some toxic heavy metals. Such metals include Lead, Arsenic, cadmium, flame retardants, barium, and chromium. When these toxins drain into the soil they affect plants and trees that are developing from this soil. These toxins can enter the human food, which can lead to birth defects and many other health problems.  

What Are the control measures of e-waste:-

To control E-waste requires Proper Planning and efforts See Below:-

1) Ste Up New plants for recycling of E-waste

2) Countries should take suitable actions for the execution and the management of the electronic dump.

3) Sell or donate your old electronic gadgets to those in need.

4) Recycle and Dispose of E-Waste Properly

5) Maintain your Electronics don’t buy unnecessary new gadgets.

Final Words:-

We all need to take a stand to prevent the destruction of the environment we live in. 

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How to Safely Dispose of Your E-Waste in Pune

E-waste recycling is a surprisingly serious issue that we should all consider. India is a major market for electronic devices. We regularly buy phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs. The size of the market is also getting bigger every day. This is one of the main reasons for the massive growth of electronic waste (usually Called e-waste). As we celebrate World Environment Day every year, we also need to understand how to safely dispose of e-waste in the country or where you live. Every year lost tones of e-waste are generated and very little has been recycled. So, here are the steps we should take to safely dispose of e-waste in Pune.

How can you dispose of e-waste?

There are several non-profit organizations (NGOs) that let you dispose of e-waste responsibly in India. The Pune Based Company Name Called as  E-Waste Kuldeep is one of the Popular names in Pune Who accept & Recycle your e-waste and provides a Green Certificate of your E-waste donation. It accepts e-waste from your door Step for an individual in the city between Mondays to Saturday. There are various e-waste recyclers across India that you can find through a search engine based on your location details.

Is it all right to dump e-waste in regular dustbins?

You should not throw your e-waste in any dustbin along with your everyday garbage. Many components could be in your e-waste that can harm the ecosystem. It is, therefore, advised to never look for dumping e-waste into a dustbin. You can find many Alternatively to dump your e-waste near you, You should look for an authorized e-waste recycler to safely dispose of your electronic waste include computer peripherals, dated mobile phones, printed circuit boards, dry cells, and lithium batteries, among others. 

Where You Can dump your e-waste:-

In Pune & PCMC You Can Contact: – E-Waste Kuldeep Contact Number:-9850289885, They are an MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune city. They pick up material at your doorstep. It takes away all your e-waste, right from your doorstep. It helps you in your convenience and save your precious time OR you can contact the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in Maharashtra. 

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Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste

Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste : There is no facility for large-scale e-waste management in the city. Due to this, there is a lot of damage to life and property due to e-waste, which is spreading its scope as a silent killer.

Health and Environmental Impacts of E Waste

E-waste is quite dangerous for water, land and environment. Which is also affecting the health of the people.

Increased use of technologies has resulted in the sale of electronic goods. But the arrangement of the E waste disposal is not that much effectively manage in Pune. There is facility for management of medicated waste including wet and dry, but there is no facility for disposal of e-waste.

People mix it in common waste without knowing its dangerous consequences. Which is polluting the water, soil and air. The side effects are unknown by the townspeople. E-waste is also usually included with common waste. The effect of which is not directly but indirectly.

Also Read: Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

E-Waste works as silent killer. The effect of which is seen after a long time. Which is dissolving poison in people’s lives every day. Water, land and air are being polluted due to throwing garbage in the open.

E-waste sold in junk and more harmful: People sell waste e-waste in their house to junk. Due to which they remove metal from the junk and burn its waste. This leads to the emission of gases such as lead, cadmium, verilium, land oxide, mercury, bromine, and sulfur. Which is dissolving the poison in the environment.

The city does not have facilities for managing e-waste. But according to the directive of the government, it has been classified as a hazardous waste.

But there are some private e waste management company in Pune, who manages e waste very effectively and helps to keep city environment pollution free.

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5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

When we use another new device for replacement / malfunction of electronic devices after prolonged use, this inefficient malfunctioning device is called e-waste. Such as computers, mobile phones, printers, photocopy machines, inverter, UPS, LCD / television, radio / transistors, digital cameras & more

5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste
5 Safe Treatment & Disposal Methods of E-Waste

The question is how to dispose these e waste in effective way? So, let’s checkout…

Safe Treatment & Disposal of E-waste Are Mainly Done in 5 Types.

  1. Secured land-filling
  2. Insinuation
  3. Recycling
  4. Metal recovery by acid
  5. Reuse

1. Secured land-filling

The e-waste is built on the flat land and the pits are pressed into the soil by putting the e-waste in it. Should be pressed.

2. Insinuation

– In this process the e-waste is lit in a fully closed chamber inside the insulator at a temperature of 900 to 1000 degree centigrade.
– Due to which the quantity of e-waste is reduced considerably and the toxicity of the organic substance present in it is reduced significantly.
– The smoke and gas coming out of the chimney in the injector is passed through the Air Pollution Control System (APCS) and the various types of metals present in the smoke are separated by chemical action and the gases are treated.

3. Recycling

– Devices such as electronic waste, monitors, picture tubes, laptops, keyboards, telephones, hard drives, CD drives, fax machines, printers, CPUs, modem cables etc. can be recycled.
– In this process, various metals and plastics are sabotaged separately and preserved for reuse.

Donte Your E Waste

4. Metal recovery by acid

– Different types of parts like ferrous and non ferrous metal and printed circuit board are separated by electronic waste.
– Different types of metals like lead, copper, aluminum, silver, gold, platinum etc. are used for the recovery of metals by using concentrates.
– Residue plastic waste is recycled for reuse.

5. Reuse

– Old electronic devices are repaired and made for reuse.
– Such as computers, mobiles, laptops, inkjet cartage, inverter, television / LCD, UPS, printers etc. can be properly reused and reused.

So, by implementing above mention 5 ways you can easily dispose, recycle & reused your e waste efficiently which not only help you to reuse but also helps to keep environment clean & safe.

P.S: If you are looking to dispose e waste in pune city then please feel free to contact E Waste Kuldeep – Pune’s #1 E waste Management Company helps you to manage your e waste very efficiently.

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how to scrap computer

How to Scrap Old Computer for Metals [8 Step Easy Guide]

Many homeowners like you have a old computers, Desktop PC in their house. If you’re wanting to upgrade to a laptop computer, it are often tough to search out an area to recycle your old computer. when you have got found a neighborhood computer scrap center that accepts electronic waste or e-waste, you’ll be able to bring your old computer to be scrapped. Scrap Centers can sometimes NOT settle for monitors, mice, keyboards, or printers tho’, they’re going to settle for desktop towers as a full unit. you’ll be able to conjointly take time to require them apart for extra money.

Scrap Old Computer for Metals [8 Step Process]

cpu parts scrap
cpu parts scrap

  1. RAM – attempt casting off the ram 1st it ought to be very easy its secured by plastic tabs, loosen them and simply pull out the RAM.
  2. Heatsink – The Heatsink is covering the processor, it ought to have fasteners or screws holding it down, confiscate the screws or apply pressure to the fasteners to tug it out.
  3. CPU – The C.P.U. ought to be beneath the heatsink, to require out the C.P.U. there ought to be a lever, simply pull it and also the C.P.U. ought to commence.
  4. PCI Boards – The PCI Boards ought to be very straightforward too, simply pull it out, you may have to be compelled to do away with some screws
  5. Motherboard – Once you have took out the elements connected to the motherboard, you must do away with, of course, the motherboard next. All ought you must have to be compelled to do is do away with the screws that connects it to the case and it should pop right out.
  6. Hard Drive – this can be pretty straightforward to require out, simply unscrew it.
  7. Disk Drive – Just unscrew it too and it should pop out.
  8. Power Supply – Unscrew and it should come right out.

Computer scrap center in Pune

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old computer buyers near me

Old Computer Buyers Near Me in Pune

Your Old Computer Buyers Near Me in Pune search end here. Because  E waste Kuldeep from Pune buy’s your unused, old computers, laptops, mobile phones, Electronics @competitive price.

old computer buyers near me in pune
old computer buyers near me in pune

Why To Sell Old Computers?

  • Technology Outdated
  • Performance Degraded
  • Not in Daily Use
  • Lack Of Speed
  • You upgraded to new one & more reasons…

But All this your old computers lead to  E waste i.e Electronic Waste & if you know E waste is getting serious issue day by day, for that you have to dispose you E waste asap because it hazards you & environment badly in anyway.

Where To Sell Old Computers in Pune?

E Waste Kuldeep is MPCB approved E waste Management & Recycling  Company in Pune. Buy’s your unused & old computers, laptops, printers, mobile phones, scanner & electronics at a very competitive price.

They buys old computers from you recycle it & helps to reduce e waste pollution.

*Most Important –  They have door pickup facility (in pune) also so you don’t have to rush to shop to sell your old electronics.

Know More About E waste Kuldeep

Type Of E Waste We Buy

  • old tv
  • old computer
  • scrap tv
  • computer scrap
  • old electronics
  • second hand computer
  • old washing machine
  • printer scrap
  • scrap monitor
  • scrap cell phone
  • electronic scrap & more.

Final Thoughts

E waste is dangerous & it can cause harm to your near & dear one’s.

If you are really willing to be part of e waste pollution reduction then don’t think to much sell your old computers to e waste kuldeep now.

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